Mien Alphabet Initials

Let's learn Mien.

We hope you will find the resources on this website to be helpful. You can start learning by clicking here. Each lesson begins with a few new vocabularies for the reading section of the lesson except lessons 1 through 4 which contains the consonants, vowels, tones, and numbers.

The dictionary page started out with only 500 words and have increased to a little over 1000 words in the dictionary, but we are constantly expanding as we are looking for more words to add. Along with the translations, there is also an option to listen to the Mien words.

The virtual museum page is up with items to view. More photos of Iu Mien artifacts will be added to the museum in later dates. Please visit back to view new items.

Don't forget who you are. Keep the culture alive and the tradition going.

Let's get started!

Locations of Iu Mien People