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Mien Calendar - Year and Month
At the top of the calendar, it contains the month and year of the national calendar in bold. Right below it are the months and years in the Mien calendar. The words in the middle are the year represented by a heavenly stem and an earthly branch follow by the word "Hnyangx" meaning "Year". To the left and the right are the months. In the Gregorian calendar, it is the case that two Mien months usually falls in one Gregorian calendar month. On rare occasions, there are three months that fall in one Gregorian calendar especially when the Gregorian month contain 31 days. Thus from the words to the left and right of the year are the Mien months towards the first half of the Gregorian month and the Mien month towards the second half of the Gregorian month respectively. Clicking on the two arrows are the far ends of the cell will jump to the previous month or the next month.

Mien Calendar - Days of the Week
Below the months and years are the days of the weeks. The top words in bold are the days of the week in English, while the bottom words are in Mien (shorten). Leiz-Baaix Hnoi, Leiz-Baaix Yietv...

Mien Calendar - Individual Day
Within each cell in the calendar are numbers on the upper left corner and the uppper right corner. The number on the upper left corner, in bold face, represents the national calendar dates, the Gregorian calendar. And the number on the upper right is the date from the Mien calendar. If the number on the right is bold and in red, the number represents a new month. And the number corresponds to the month that will be starting.

Mien Calendar - Green and Red Day
If the whole cell is in light red, it means that the day is a bad day. If it is in light green, it means that that day is the current day, meaning "Today".

Mien Calendar - Day Information
Towards the bottom of the calendar contains the information for the day selected by clicking on the cell of the dates. To the left of the cell is the date on the Mien calendar. The top row to the right of the date is the month and the days represented two words, celestial symbols, one heavenly stem and one earthly branch. The next line are the clan names whose good day fall upon the corresponding earthly branch that are a good day to do ceremonial events. Although only two clans are shown on each day, there are various other clans who share the same good days, such as the Saefong and Saelee clans. On occasions, it will not have any clans' name on the calendar date, and will be replaced by the words "Bad Day". This day represents a bad day to do a ceremony for all clans.

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