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A'dangh aengx hlaang aeqv loh!It's going high up in a moment!
A'lamh deixalmost the same
A'lamh deix fih hnangvAlmost like
Aa daeDad
Aa dieFather
Aa hitv hmuangxtonight
Aa lamh deixAlmost
Aa locoften
Aa maaMom
Aa yuvOuch
Aac hitv deix dangh hmuangxLate tonight
Aac nziaauc mbuoxnickname
aahWhen putting before a time word it gives the meaning of the past
Aah cingJust now
Aah cing jangJust now
Aah hnoiyesterday
Aah jangJust now
Aah ndormYesterday morning
Aah nziaaucplay
Aah nziaauc deixPlaymate
Aah nziaauc doicfriend
aaixsexual intercourse
Aamx fangxPhotography
Aamx souCopy book
aanxHalf day; noon
Aanx haicAfternoon; close to noon
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