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M'zing faaux dauvEyes have cataracts
M'zing ndorngvPoor eyesight
M'zing njetc-njetc uovEyes staring at that
M'zingh mbuovBlurred vision; eyes
Maa nyorx nyaanhThe bride gives the mother's milk money, part of the marriage fee, indicating compensation for the daughter's parenting
Maa-buocMother-in-law (women's point of view)
Maa-dievMother-in-law (man's point of view)
maahsuggestion marker
Maaic dietvProstitution
Maaic dietv maaih nyaanhrich from prostitution
Maaic dungzSell pigs
Maaic gongHard work
Maaic huaxSelling goods
Maaih faatvSpell
Maaih fuqvBlessed
Maaih guh nguaaz faux sinHave a child;
Maaih hmien maaih mincPrestige has influence
Maaih hnyouv haicVery hearty; very enthusiastic
Maaih jienv guh nguaazHave a child (pregnancy); with a child
Maaih lamh gorngv nyeihave something to say
Maaih lamh longc nyeihave some usefulness
Maaih lamh mingh nyeihave some place to go
Maaih lamh nyeiSome; suitable
Maaih lingh maaih ndie maaih qaaqvPowerful and effective approach
Maaih mengh dauh nongxHave a good reputation
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