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zaacCheck (read); understand
Zaah baengcCheck the disease
Zaah baenghTea bottle
Zaah baenghTea pot
zaah buicup
Zaah cuotvfind out
Zaah diehTea table
Zaah diehTea table
Zaah duqv cingCheck out
Zaah duqv hiuvI will know when I check it.
Zaah imTea bitter
Zaah maiv cuotvCan't find out
Zaah maiv gaengh nzengcTea is useless
Zaah mangcView
Zaah mbuonvTea powder
Zaah meih ganh nyei hnyouvAsk yourself
Zaah naaicQuestion
Zaah ndonghTea pot
Zaah sicInvestigate
Zaah souCheck the book
Zaah yienvteacup
Zaah yienvteacup
Zaah zaaTea residue
Zaah zaanghcup
Zaah zaanvTea
zaaicCatch up
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