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Haa cunvTuberculosis
Haa cunv ndieTuberculosis drug
Haa hnopv ndiecough medicine
Haac daangvLower layer
Haac gueixsummer
Haac hornghLower layer
Haac maengcThe fate of the lower class; poor fate
Haah baahchin
Haah baah cenhLong chin
Haah baah deihPointed chin
Haah baah nganUpward chin
Haah baah nzoihFlat and back chin
Haah louhgourd
Haah louhGourd water bottle
Haah louh morcClay pot
Haah nziaaucplay
Haaix dauhWhich
Haaix dauh daaihWhich one comes
Haaix hnoi?Which day? When?
Haaix laeh? Yie mangc gaaxWhere? I have to look at it.
Haaix ndauWhere
Haaix ndau mun?Where does it hurt?
Haaix norm dorngxWhere
Haaix nyungcWhat?
Haaix nyungc ga'naaiv?What thing?
Haaix nyungc laeh?What?
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