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Yaa ziouAsia
yaacand also
yaamcDo not
Yaangh buoz zauxMore than a hand
Yaangh daamvbile
Yaangh dozCompliance with principles and creeds
Yaangh genYangjian
Yaangh gen nyei baengMilitary in the sun
Yaangh guh nguaaicGo above
Yaangh horvmatch
Yaangh horv biaavMatchstick
Yaangh horv patvlighter
Yaangh horv simFire heart, matchstick
Yaangh jauvwalk
Yaangh jutcBlack and white mark on the neck, a squirrel-like animal
Yaangh maiv tong jauvNo way
Yaangh tiecIron
Yaangh tiec faangImprinted image on metal
Yaangh tiec ndonghIron bucket
Yaangh uom minghWalking from the waterway
Yaangh yi ndoihPotato
Yaangh yutvWipe
Yaangh ziou lorqc donghA place where women died in a childs death by going to hell.
Yaangh ziou zaangc dongha place where a good man goes to hell after he dies.
Yaangh ziou zongh donghWhere ordinary people go to hell after their death
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