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YaacAlso, Too
YaaucGood, fine
Yaauc jiexBest
YanghWalk, yellow
Yangh goxOrange
Yangh jauvWalk
Yangh mienhLiving people
YieMe; I
Yie hnamv meihI love you
Yie mbuoUs, We
Yie mbuo nyeiOur, ours
Yie nyeiMine, my
YiemAt, located
Yiem longx nyeiI am/We are doing fine.
Yiem longx nyei fai?How are you?; Hello, Hi
Yiem longx nyei saah?How are you? (suggesting that the answer will be positive); Hello, Hi
Yiem longx nyei?How are you?; Hello, Hi
Yiem-genSpirit realm
YiemxOverflow with water
Yienh SiCilantro
Yietc1; one
Yietc Baeqv100
Yietc Baeqv Waanc1000000
Yietc Cin1000
Yietc liuzForever
Yietc liuz maivNever
Yietc Waanc10000
Yietc ZungvWholly, all of it
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